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The Parishes of Immaculate Conception, Bicester and Holy Trinity, Hethe.

Parish news this week

Beginning Sunday, 25th July 2021 - The Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Lectionary - Sundays Year B, Weekdays Year 2.


Please refer to the Weekly Newsletter for further information.

BAPTISMS: Please contact the Parish Office through email or phone to make necessary arrangements.
CONFESSIONS: Every Saturday from 10.30 am to 11.30 am. (Masks compulsory)
HOLY HOUR: Every First Friday from 6.00pm to 7.00pm (not during Lent & Advent)
WEDDINGS: Please contact the Parish Office through email or phone to make necessary arrangements.
ROSARY: During weekdays 25 minutes before Mass starts.


A warm welcome awaits you!

WORLD DAY FOR GRANDPARENTS AND ELDERLY: Will be held on the 4th Sunday of July (25th July) close to the feast of St Anne & St Joachim, grandparents of Jesus, the Son of God. Holy Father calls us: “Care for the elderly, don’t leave them alone”.Listen to Pope Francis' message here - with English subtitles. 

A PROJECT FOR GRANDPARENTS: Grandchildren are a gift from God. Of all grandparents the most blessed were SS Anne & Joachim whose grandson was Jesus Christ. We request their intercession in this project. The Church helps us with the little catechism. It gives us simple questions and answers which can be learned by heart and remain with us forever in the memory. Spend a little time each week explaining each question and encouraging your grandchildren to remember the answers. Rewards are fun and a great incentive to learning. Above all our grandchildren must know that God loves them very much because he made them and all his laws are always of love as he himself is love and cannot change. These Catechism books will be available from next weekend. St. Anne and St . Joachim, Pray for us.

POPE’S PRAYER INTENTION FOR JULY: Social Friendship: We pray that, in social, economic and political situations of conflict, we may be courageous & passionate architects of dialogue and friendship.

REQUEST To speed up entry into church for Mass please bring along a slip of paper with your name and contact number and place it in the container provided in the entrance. (Write it at home and bring it) Alternatively if you have a smart phone, register by using the NHS TRACK AND TRACE QR Code which is displayed on the notice boards in the entrance. This applies to both churches. As we enter a gradual relaxing of restrictions may we still remind you:

Not to come if symptomatic or self-isolating.

That masks are compulsory.

To observe social distancing at all times, and tempting as it is, you must not mingle with anyone outside of your household or support bubble when you attend Mass.

Please refer to the bulletin for our Mass times if you are able to attend.

We are grateful to all of you who faithfully comply with the Government’s regulations and we must continue to do all we can to keep every-body safe in church.

SYMPATHY Please pray for the repose of the soul of Fr (Anthony) John Burns who died in the early hours of Wednesday, 14th July 2021 at Aston Hall. He celebrated his 92nd birthday just the day before, 13th July. Fr John was ordained on 19th July 1953 and his first appointment was at Sacred Heart in Tunstall from 1953 to 1965. He was at Our Lady Immaculate in Warwick from 1965 to 1985; Our Lady and All Saints in Stourbridge from 1985 to 1990; St Mary’s in Leek from 1990 to 1996 and at Holy Trinity in Hethe from 1996 until his retirement in 2014. We pray for Fr John’s family and friends, his former parishioners, and all those who mourn him. May he rest in peace. The details of Fr John’s funeral Mass will be forwarded as soon as they are known. 

SPONSORING SANCTUARY AND OUR LADY’S LAMPS As you may be aware, there are lamps which burn perpetually on the sanctuary (Blessed Sacrament) and in the Lady Chapel. Would you like one of these to burn in memory of a loved one, or for a particular intention? If so, we are asking for a donation of £10 per week, which will go towards the costs of running the sacristy: candles, hosts, wine and other necessities for the celebration of Mass. Please hand in to one of the priests or in one of the donation boxes in an envelope marked ‘Sanctuary Lamp or Our Lady Lamp Donation’, together with a note stating your particular intention. The intentions will be published in our weekly bulletin. Thank you.

This week we pray for…Brian & Jean Penhallow - SANCTUARY For children & grand children (R Evans) - OUR LADY’S LIGHT

LET US PRAY FOR THE SICK AND HOUSEBOUND: K Cashman, Tim Charles, Joyce Thornley, Mary Ashley, John Dunn, Marie Olive, Patricia Davies.

URSULINE SISTERS - LAY ASSOCIATES: Our Parish Sisters would like to invite you to become Lay Associates in their Congregation. There will be an opportunity every month to come together to pray in their Chapel and to go for monthly Confessions and annual retreat. Sisters would like to invite to the initial meeting on Monday 26th July at 2.00 pm in the Convent Garden. If interested, please contact Sr Rose on Phone No: 01869 327689 or email:

MASS INENTIONS: My sincere thanks to those who continue to have Masses offered for your families and loved ones. We are very short of Mass intentions, so please continue to request.

BAPTISMS: I would like to let the parents know that the Baptisms are taking place on Saturday’s and during the weekdays. If you have any children who are not yet baptised, please get in touch with the Parish office as soon as possible and make necessary arrangements. You can download Baptismal Form from our Parish website.

MONTHLY COFFEE MORNING: Again I would like to thank to those who have supported our monthly coffee morning. Our next Monthly Coffee mornings will take place on the second Friday of each month. (13th August; 10th September; 8th October; 12th November; 3rd December).

FATHER ROBERT CAREY: Will be moving on or after 10th September to commence his training as a Navy Catholic Chaplain. We will have his farewell Mass on Friday 3rd September at 7.00 pm followed by social in the Centre. The second collections of the weekends of 21st /22nd & 28th/29th August towards our gift to Father Robert. Cheques can be made payable to “the Immaculate Conception Church”.

CAKE SALE: Cake sale will be held next Sunday after 9.30 am & 11.00 am Masses. I look forward to your support.
JULY 19th ONWARDS As we resume some normality back in to our lives I hope and pray that you can resume your very useful roles in maintaining our beautiful liturgies and church. If you are new to the parish I would very much like to invite you to volunteer in some way. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow parishioners!
LECTORS: A new rota will be available from September 12th. If any of you who are not on the rota would like to become a Lector, please speak to me or contact the Parish Office.
CLEANING TEAMS: Please respond to email regarding our church cleaning. I would like to see that our cleaning teams who haven't yet joined on the rota, to resume from September. Any new volunteers are welcome, please contact the parish office via email.
ALTAR SERVERS: We welcome all altar servers back! For now masks are compulsory.
FLOWERS: A new rota will be available from September. Any new flower creators are welcome to join, no experience necessary.
SINGING: Choirs are able to resume sitting in the choir area and singing beautifully for us all. However, if the congregation wishes to join in singing, masks still need to be worn until further notice. Contact for the Parish Office:

BAPTISMS: I would like to let the parents know that the Baptisms are taking place on Saturday’s and during the weekdays. If you have any children who are not yet baptised, please get in touch with the Parish office as soon as possible and make necessary arrangements. You can download Baptismal Form from our Parish website.


  • Monday 19th July: Parish Pastoral Council
  • Saturday 11th September: Parish Open meeting in our Centre
  • Friday 17th September: Cheese and Wine evening in our Centre for Stewards, Fundraisers and Cleaners, who volunteered in helping during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • Sunday 26th September: Shared Lunch after 11.00 am Mass in our Centre.
  • September Deanery Mass followed by Social in St John Paul II Centre.

PARISH ENVIROMENTAL COMMITTEE: I sincerely thank those who have attended our Zoom meeting a couple of months ago and have expressed some interest in having a Parish group, to promote to protect our planet Earth. If you would like to join the group, please email Office. Plan to have a meeting in July, probably in the Centre.


 Gift Aid:

 For Confidential matters:

Because of a security breach Canon John has been compelled to change his e-mail address for communications of a confidential nature to that above. Please update your address books.

THE CHURCH IN A POST-PANDEMIC WORLD The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales have issued a reflection titled The Day of the Lord on post-pandemic recovery and the challenges faced by the Church in encouraging people back to the Church and her Sacraments. “At this moment, then, we need to have in our sights the need to restore to its rightful centrality in our lives the Sunday Mass, encouraging each to take his or her place once again in the assembly of our brothers and sisters. “We face the task of seeking to nurture the sense of Sunday as ‘a weekly gift from God to his people’, and something we cannot do without; to see Sunday as the soul of the week, as giving light and meaning to all the responsibilities we live out each day; to see the Sunday Eucharist as food for the unique mission with which we have been endowed.” This beautiful document can be downloaded in full, from the Bishop’s Conference website:


  • Baptism: – 30 people at a stand-alone celebration.
  • Marriage – 30 people.
  • Funerals – capacity of church (80 People)
  • Holy Communion remains under one kind. Communion on the tongue allowed, but those who wish to receive in that way should wait until the end of communion and hands should be sanitised.
  • Face masks continue to be worn.
  • Sanitising hands on entry to churches and before liturgies as in current church guidance reduces risk.
  • Singing: Indoor, congregational singing remains prohibited although small group singing is allowed, if essential, limited to groups of no more than 6.
  • Catechetical Groups– may resume.
  • Servers and Assistants: Those needed for the celebration of Mass
  • Holy Water Stoups: Unfilled
  • Offertory Procession: From next weekend. Wardens to remind the people to sanitise their hand before they process with the Bread and Wine.


  • • Housebound parishioners to engage with mass from home
  • • Relatives/friends who cannot attend a baptism/ wedding/funeral to engage with it
  • • The tabernacle to be used as a focus for prayer for those who cannot get to church
  • • Evangelisation: enabling those who cannot or do not attend church for any reason to engage with acts of worship

All of these reasons are necessary in the legitimate interests of the church. The images are made available live over the internet, and can be accessed by anyone who wishes to do so.

Live streaming is carried out during services and a camera focussed on the sanctuary may be live streaming all the time. There is no public access to the sanctuary area.

Go the website and follow link

Those who do not wish to have their image live streamed are ad- vised to go to Holy Trinity church (Hethe) where there are no cameras.

STEWARDS NEEDED: We urgently need more stewards for weekday & weekend Masses. Please email Parish Office if you are able to assist. Without stewards, it will not possible to celebrate Mass safely.
28th August at 2.00 pm - Cherish Green & Scott Harris
25th September at 2.00 pm - Barbara Pilewska & Pawel Sajduda
(Invited guests) Whose names are on the list will be permitted entry in to the Church. Covid guidelines to be followed.

APF/MISION BOXES Now is the time to please empty your boxes and deliver your donations to the piety shop or parish office. Thanks.

WAYS YOU CAN FINANCIALLY SUPPORT YOUR PARISH: Join the 100 club £5 a month; Set up a regular Standing Order; Gift Aid any of your donations; Sponsor a Sanctuary lamp £10; Buy a Commemorative brick £250; Purchase from the Piety shop

ARCHDIOCESAN E-NEWSLETTER To keep up-to-date with all the latest news, information and online events from across the Archdiocese and beyond please sign up to the newsletter, is-sued every few weeks via email. Please visit to sign up..

WELCOME VISITORS & NEW PARISHIONERS: If you have moved to the area, or have recently joined our Church Community, please speak to Canon John and take one of the welcome leaflets from the back of the Church. There is also a Registration Form (which also includes a Gift Aid registration form) which we hope you will complete for the Parish records. We hope you will enjoy our lively and inclusive parish, and participate in our worship and activities

HELPFUL WEBSITES For care givers or those working in the mental health sector:

Webinars are on 13 Feb & 13 Mar: body/

 Marriage Preparation: Marriage Care offer online courses.

Engaged Encounter - Booking link