The Archdiocese of Birmingham - The Parish of the Immaculate Conception

Being buried in the Foynes Memorial Garden

If you wish that your remains or the remains of a loved one should rest in The Foynes Memorial Garden, please contact the parish office in the first instance. The parish office will make arrangements for the parish priest or deacon to officiate at the interment, for the grave to be dug and back-filled and for the name to be inscribed upon the wall. An additional inscription will be placed in the Chantry Book (Book of Remembrance) which is located in the church close to the baptismal font. Cremated remains need to be delivered to the parish at least a day before the interment is to take place. These will be placed in a linen bag inside a biodegrable wicker casket. Those arranging the interment may chose from a selection of caskets. Please do not purchase a casket from the funeral director. Each casket will bear an engrave wooden plate giving the mane, date of death and the age of the deceased. 

Caskets will be interred in double-depth plots in the grassy areas of the garden and spaces may be reserved in that plot for a spouse, relative or friend. The plots themselves will remain unmarked to preserve the natural appearance of the garden, but plans will be kept in the parish office and presbytery clearly indicating who is buried where. In the case of single interments, where no request is made for a space in the plot to be reserved, another single interment will follow in time to ensure maximum use of the available space. At this time there is room in the Garden for the interment of 700 caskets.